Sober Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Photo of memorial day ribbons

For people in early recovery, holidays like Memorial Day Weekend can be especially challenging to maintain sobriety. Most of that stems from cultural traditions tied to the holiday. Many of…

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Alcoholism and Women: A Growing Epidemic

Woman standing on the beach in the sunset

Alcoholism among women is a growing epidemic. Although men have historically endured higher rates of alcoholism, women are catching up fast. The rates of alcoholism in the United States are…

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Strengthen Your Recovery on Valentine’s Day

Heart shaped candies

For people in early recovery, Valentine’s Day can stir up emotions that endanger sobriety. Many relationships may remain damaged, some severely, from actions taken in addiction. Regardless of past actions…

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Data Security Event

Valley Hope Investigation Reveals Potentially Unauthorized Access to Patient Data Valley Hope Association is notifying you of a recent incident that may affect the privacy of some of your personal…

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