Outpatient Treatment Program

The Valley Hope outpatient treatment program enables you to receive high quality, intensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment while continuing to live at home and maintain your family responsibilities and work schedule. Our outpatient program also serves as a vital stepping stone during the transition from inpatient treatment to everyday life in recovery. Valley Hope’s outpatient programs help you transition into sober life successfully and minimize the chance of relapse.

Valley Hope outpatient services include intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), continuing care, family treatment, individual therapy and recovery support. Our outpatient treatment approach blends 12 Step philosophy with innovative clinical methods to treat alcohol and drug addiction effectively and support you on the path to a healthy, productive life in recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Valley Hope’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides intense, focused drug and alcohol addiction treatment on a flexible schedule. Valley Hope IOP includes the same evidence-based and individualized, compassionate care components and expert clinicians as our inpatient treatment centers, but in an outpatient environment.

IOP Experience

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Valley Hope intensive outpatient program sessions are held three times a week for three hours a day, with daytime and evening options to best fit your schedule.

Specific elements of the Valley Hope outpatient treatment program include:

Individual Counseling Sessions

Individual therapy sessions allow you to meet one-on-one with your counselor confidentially on an as-needed basis.

Small Group Therapy

Groups are facilitated by licensed clinicians and serve as an opportunity for healing conversations about the disease of addiction, sharing coping skills and sober strategies and building peer relationships and a community of recovery support.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease. Family participation in the IOP treatment process includes exploring and processing the emotional impact of addiction. Interactive lectures help families understand the disease of addiction and learn behaviors that will support their loved one’s recovery.

Addiction Education

IOP treatment includes engaging educational presentations, dynamic speakers and key conversations that cover the disease of addiction, coping skills, 12 Step teachings, sober strategies and other important topics.

Relapse Prevention Planning and Continuing Care Coordination

Valley Hope’s individualized, comprehensive care approach includes tailored aftercare planning and coordination with you and your treatment team to help reduce the risk of relapse. That often includes participating in weekly one-hour Continuing Care groups that focus on relapse prevention and peer recovery support, as well as guidance on 12 Step involvement and developing strategies for managing a sober life.

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“Valley Hope saved my life. They know what they are doing, and they really care.”  - Sammie, Valley Hope Alumna

“I can't explain to you the people, the staff, the experiences. The things I let go of. The people I still stay in contact with til this day. Valley Hope changed my entire aspect of life after my addiction completely blinding me of it. I would refer anyone I know to this place, and have been back multiple times to see it.” -Brittany, Valley Hope Alumna

“I highly recommend Valley Hope to anyone that's trying to stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs. All are welcomed here. I now have four years of sobriety. Thanks for helping me get my life back, your staff was kind and loving. They showed me how I can live sober and free.” – Miguel, Valley Hope Alumnus

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