Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Littleton, CO

About New Directions for Families

Introducing New Directions for Families (NDF), a specialized Valley Hope treatment center dedicated to providing life-changing drug and alcohol addiction treatment for women with children (ages 0-12) and pregnant women.

NDF provides a safe place for mothers to receive treatment for substance use disorder without having to be separated from their children. NDF offers evidenced-based, family-focused SUD treatment, powered by fully licensed, compassionate clinical experts and conveniently located in a recently renovated facility in the Denver suburb of Littleton.

Program Details

  • Family-Focused Treatment

    • The family unit is the focus of the program.

  • Trauma-Informed Care

    • All services are sensitive to the impact of trauma on women and children.

  • Motivational Enhancement

    • Services meet families where they are and tailor interventions to the individual’s motivation to change.

  • Relapse Prevention

    • Supporting women by identifying high risk situations and building coping skills.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

    • MAT therapy uses medications to support recovery from alcohol and opioid addiction.

  • Gender-Responsive Care

    • Services are tailored to the unique experience of women and favor interventions that build on relationship development.


Intensive Residential // Transitional Residential // Outpatient Continuing Care

Littleton, CO

24/7 Free Screenings and
Treatment Referrals: (720) 623-0747

NDF Accepts Medicaid

Other Funding Available

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For help 24/7 call (800) 544-5101 to speak confidentially with a treatment and recovery expert now. Our Admissions Team can provide a free assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care.

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Intensive Residential

  • Highly structured environment

  • Individualized treatment for women and their children.

  • Women in treatment during the day while children in school or childcare.


Transitional Residential

  • Women working during the day and children in school or childcare.

  • Individualized treatment for women and their children.

  • Support for locating housing and other recovery supports in the community.


Outpatient Continuing Care

  • Individual, group and case management as needed.

  • Focus on relapse prevention.

  • Women may be participating in Level II or Level I outpatient in addition to continuing care.


“Valley Hope saved my life. They know what they are doing, and they really care.”  - Sammie, Valley Hope Alumna

“I can't explain to you the people, the staff, the experiences. The things I let go of. The people I still stay in contact with til this day. Valley Hope changed my entire aspect of life after my addiction completely blinding me of it. I would refer anyone I know to this place, and have been back multiple times to see it.” -Brittany, Valley Hope Alumna

“I highly recommend Valley Hope to anyone that's trying to stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs. All are welcomed here. I now have four years of sobriety. Thanks for helping me get my life back, your staff was kind and loving. They showed me how I can live sober and free.” – Miguel, Valley Hope Alumnus

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