Referrals Overview

Referrals Overview

How to Make a Treatment Referral

Referring a person to Valley Hope for substance use disorder treatment is a simple, efficient process. Our experienced Admissions and Referral Relations Teams stand ready to help coordinate the admissions process seamlessly.

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Assessments and Treatment Referrals

Each Valley Hope residential center has an experienced, on-site Admissions Team that combines clinical expertise with compassion to help determine the best treatment program for your client. With a simple phone call, you can complete our streamlined, thorough process from assessment to admission. Our team partners with you and the patient throughout the admission and treatment process to position him or her for successful treatment and long-term recovery. Our team also helps maximize insurance benefits to help secure minimal out of pocket costs.

Your designated Admissions Specialist will work in close communication with you during the assessment and referral process.

Release of Information

If you require involvement throughout the admissions, treatment and discharge process, the clinical team at your designated Valley Hope treatment center will obtain a patient release of information, permitting ongoing communication with you throughout the patient’s treatment journey.


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Once the treatment referral is made, your client will begin the admissions process on-site at the designated Valley Hope Treatment Center. With a release of information, an outreach team member can confirm admission and help arrange your preferred protocol for communication with the assigned primary counselor and case manager.

Communication Protocols

Communication protocols define the process and details of the information you need while your referred patient is in treatment at Valley Hope. For example, you may require weekly phone calls from the case manager or primary counselor to update on the general progress of your referent. You may require notification if he or she leaves treatment or you may want to be a part of discharge planning. Your Valley Hope outreach manager can work with you to develop a communications protocol that fits your needs and the needs of the patient.


Contact us to start the referral process now!

Begin the referral process now!

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