Serving Our Veterans

Serving Our Veterans

Veteran Treatment Services

Valley Hope’s Veteran and Military Services Program strives to serve every Veteran and their family with competent, compassionate and responsive addiction treatment in an environment that understands and supports the unique experiences of Veterans and military families.

We provide residential, customized care in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. Our services are led by accomplished clinical and medical experts with decades of experience in addiction treatment and proven evidence-based therapies. Valley Hope closely collaborates with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and caregivers to ensure our treatment model brings value to VA’s efforts to address each Veteran’s full range of healthcare needs.

Our holistic, collaborative approach is specifically designed to treat the multi-dimensional, co-occurring needs of Veterans suffering from addiction and other mental health diagnoses. Our dedicated treatment team is committed to life-changing care, working hand in hand with Veterans and their families to reclaim their lives from addiction and substance use disorder (SUD).

Working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to Promote Access to Care, Stability and Recovery

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Valley Hope works closely with local VA facilities to provide and coordinate life-saving addiction treatment for eligible Veterans served by the VA Community Care Network.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance and OptumServe have credentialed Valley Hope to provide eligible Veterans with specialized SUD treatment under VA’s Community Care Network. Valley Hope treatment centers can receive referrals from VA to support Veterans. 

  • Eligible VA patients can access care at Valley Hope treatment centers by obtaining a referral from VA.
  • Valley Hope immediately coordinates care with VA, ensuring that the Veteran has full access to treatment and services.
  • Valley Hope participates in monthly case conferences with local VA staff to ensure program quality and continuity of care.
  • Valley Hope constantly solicits feedback from Veterans and their families to ensure that full satisfaction is always present.

How Veterans Can Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addictions

  1. Valley Hope can receive a community care referral from VA.
    Eligible Veterans must contact their local VA facility to schedule a consultation. If a Veteran needs assistance determining which VA facility to contact, Valley Hope can lend support.
  2. Once VA makes a referral, Veterans can begin treatment at Valley Hope.
    When you arrive for your scheduled intake, you will be greeted by one of our compassionate team members, then meet one-on-one with a licensed admissions counselor or admissions nurse. This on-site assessment will inform the clinical care team as they develop your tailored treatment plan.
  3. Valley Hope coordinates all care with VA to ensure that each veteran's care plan can be delivered in a timely and effective way.
    Continue to strengthen your recovery with ongoing support services from VA.

No Out of Pocket Costs If Referred by the VA

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Veteran Treatment Experience

The patient experience at Valley Hope is designed to encourage focus on your healing, improve your sense of self-worth and prepare you with the essential skills and strategies needed to build and sustain long-term recovery. At inpatient treatment centers, a typical daily schedule includes individual counseling sessions, classroom-style learning with fellow patients, small group therapeutic sessions, family therapy, 12 Step studies, relaxation and reflection time and recreational activities.

Veterans Treatment Program Features:

  • Same Day Access to Comprehensive Detox, Residential and Outpatient Services
  • Specialty Staff in Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Counseling and Peer Support
  • Comprehensive Care Model
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Medication Assisted Treatment with all FDA approved addiction medications for alcohol and opioid substance misuse
  • Case Management and Care Coordination with VA and Community Providers
  • Transportation

Support for Veterans' Families

Valley Hope's Virtual Family Care programs provide individual, family and small group sessions for family members of Veterans.

Valley Hope's Virtual Family Care programs facilitate the healing of family relationships while offering the necessary support that family members and loved ones need during the treatment and recovery journey. Family members can benefit from their own therapeutic treatment to help repair broken relationships, restore emotional wellness and learn how to support a loved one’s recovery.

Family care is an essential part of successful treatment and recovery. Valley Hope helps families heal and reconnect through education, therapy and support:

  1. Relationship Repair
    Sessions explore emotional responses to addiction and consider positive ways of managing emotions. Valley Hope helps family members learn strategies for managing their well-being and works with families to help overcome the pain and broken trust that addiction causes.
  2. Education
    Interactive workshops help families understand the complex, chronic brain disease of addiction and the family role in treatment and recovery.
  3. Recovery Support
    Provide family members with effective, healthy strategies to support their loved one during and after treatment. Taking an active role in the treatment process and creating a supportive environment for your loved one when they return home can help them embrace recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

Need for Addiction Treatment in Veteran Community

Veterans and Addiction: By the Numbers

  • 30% of Veteran suicides were preceded by drug and/or alcohol use. (NCBI)
  • 20% of high-risk behavior deaths were attributed to drug or alcohol overdose. (
  • Effective, evidence-based treatment options are needed for Veterans. (
  • There is a high correlation between SUD and PTSD within Veterans diagnosed with SUD (63%). (NCBI)
  • The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs estimates that 1 in 10 Veterans treated at VA after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan face problems with alcohol or other drugs. (

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“Valley Hope saved my life. They know what they are doing, and they really care.”  - Sammie, Valley Hope Alumna

“I can't explain to you the people, the staff, the experiences. The things I let go of. The people I still stay in contact with til this day. Valley Hope changed my entire aspect of life after my addiction completely blinding me of it. I would refer anyone I know to this place, and have been back multiple times to see it.” -Brittany, Valley Hope Alumna

“I highly recommend Valley Hope to anyone that's trying to stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs. All are welcomed here. I now have four years of sobriety. Thanks for helping me get my life back, your staff was kind and loving. They showed me how I can live sober and free.” – Miguel, Valley Hope Alumnus

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