Alumni Resources

Alumni Resources

Hope for Life

Once you complete your treatment, the Valley Hope community stands ready to provide free, lifelong recovery support. Staying active and engaged with your recovery community is an essential piece of maintaining long-term recovery from addiction. Valley Hope’s national alumni network, the Valley Hope Alumni Community, is a free recovery support system that provides ongoing opportunities and extensive resources to empower your sobriety.

Lifelong Recovery Support

Valley Hope Alumni Community

The Valley Hope Alumni Community provides lifelong recovery support for alumni and their families. Support includes events, group meetings, volunteer opportunities, speaking engagements and digital resources.

Local Alumni Chapters and Events

Each Valley Hope treatment center provides a local alumni chapter that hosts monthly renewal days, weekly meetings and special events and community service projects.

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Renewal Days

Each Valley Hope treatment center hosts a monthly Renewal Day, an experience dedicated to strengthening your recovery, sharing best practices and celebrating sober anniversaries. Renewal Days provide opportunities for alumni to connect, build your recovery community and help others new to treatment and recovery by sharing experiences.

Chapter Meetings

Each local alumni chapter provides free weekly recovery-focused meetings with formats ranging from 12 Step meetings to open meetings and from guest speakers to small group conversations.

Special Events

Recovery can be a lot of fun. Valley Hope alumni chapters host a variety of local special events each year, including sporting events, golf tournaments and holiday gatherings.

Volunteer Opportunities

Staying engaged in activities that better your community and help others new to recovery are effective ways to strengthen your own recovery journey. Valley Hope Alumni have many opportunities to engage in community service projects.

Recovery Resources

Valley Hope provides alumni with a variety of recovery resources to support long-term recovery:

Coffee Cup News

Valley Hope’s quarterly newsletter, the Coffee Cup, provides in-depth news and information about the disease of addiction, treatment innovations and compelling recovery stories.

Recovery Blog

Valley Hope’s Recovery Blog provides a deep archive of recovery expertise, family guidance, educational information about addiction and inspiring recovery stories.

Social Media

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Stay Connected

The Valley Hope Family is here to support every step of your recovery journey. Make sure you receive the latest news and events and follow us on social media. We want to keep in touch with you. For any questions or concerns, reach out to the Valley Hope Alumni Relations Team at [email protected].

Voices of Hope

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