About the Parker Project

Valley Hope seeks to invest $17 million into an expansion and renovation of the Parker, Colorado, residential addiction treatment center. The campaign serves to develop a portion of the funding for the expansion, with a working goal of $4 million. 

The treatment center has a waiting list for admission due to demand for services and a lack of recovery room detoxification (detox) beds. General overcrowding is evident in all areas of the center including the admissions center, dining hall, lecture hall, therapy rooms, community rooms, and parking. 

The Parker Project will expand the center and improve efficiencies of treatment services. The facility will receive a fresh face along with relief from the current cramped conditions. The Parker Project will reduce the waiting lists for admission, help more people, improve safety, and provide privacy and comfort for all patients. 

BUILDING HOPE serves to communicate the need for expanded Valley Hope treatment services in Colorado. Your charitable gifts provide Valley Hope the resources to extend hope to thousands struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. 

The PARKER PROJECT CAMPAIGN is Valley Hope’s first-ever capital campaign in Colorado. 

Walkthrough and Project Updates

Ways to Make a Gift

Valley Hope is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization under the IRS code. The organization accepts a variety of charitable donations, including gifts of: CASH, STOCKS, BONDS, PROPERTY, TRUSTS, IRA, BEQUESTS AND INSURANCE. We encourage you to discuss these gift-giving options with your financial advisor and select the most effective way to make a gift. Gifts for the BUILDING HOPE Parker Project can be pledged up to a five-year period. 

“We cannot allow more people to put their recovery on a waiting list and risk losing their lives when the solution is at our fingertips. We want to be a part of the solution, but we don’t have the space.” 

Steve Knuth, President/CEO, Valley Hope Association

“The current detox area and nursing station is cramped, noisy, and there is little privacy for anxious patients. There aren’t enough restrooms, or workspaces, or storage areas.“ 

Micki Gallagher, Clinical Program Director, Valley Hope of Parker

“We are years behind in being able to serve this community and help those in search of our services.” 

Tom Lolley, Chairman, Board of Directors, Valley Hope Association 

“This expansion means access to treatment and hope for a new way of life. Our patients deserve a nice place to recover.“ 

Angela Bornemann, Executive Director, Valley Hope of Parker 

“Valley Hope of Parker saved my life. I donate to help the next person.” 

Debbie S.

My Giving Potential - 5 Year Pledge

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Project Description

The PARKER PROJECT CAMPAIGN is an expansion and renovation of existing center to improve efficiencies of treatment services. 

• 23,000 square feet to 43,000 square feet 

• One expansive, all-inclusive building 

• New detox wing with 16 beds, living/dining area, and nursing station 

• Addition of 14 residential (non-detox) beds 

• Centralized nursing station overhaul and expansion 

• 5 private meeting/counseling rooms added 

• Better defined art, meditation, and fitness rooms 

• Community room doubled in size 

• Expansion of lecture hall 

• Dining hall and kitchen enlargement 

• Additional parking for patients, visitors, and staff 

• Upgraded outdoor amenity space and landscaping

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Benefits of the Parker Project

1. Reduced waiting lists for admission 

2. More treatment beds resulting in more lives saved 

3. Detox services provided in a quiet, private, and comfortable setting 

4. Admission area large enough to accommodate family members 

5. Chapel, dining hall, and lecture hall no longer multi-purpose rooms 

6. Improved safety by bringing all campus buildings under one roof 

7. Increased access, privacy, and comfort for patients 

Our Programs

Valley Hope provides compassionate, patient-centered care, supported by evidence-based therapies and both clinical and medical experts. Our holistic, collaborative approach is centered on the disease model of addiction, tailored to achieve the best long-term outcomes of recovery. Our services include: 

  • Medically Monitored Detox 
  • Residential Care 
  • Intensive Outpatient 
  • Continuing Care / Relapse Prevention 
  • TeleCare 
  • Alumni Recovery Support 

Treatment is delivered by a team of master-level clinicians, physicians/psychiatrists, registered nurses, and chaplains that work together to meet the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of each patient. Addiction is a family disease. Valley Hope encourages loved ones to participate in the treatment and recovery process. 

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