10 Tips for a Sober July 4th

father and daughter in wheat field with American flag

For people new to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, celebrating your first Fourth of July holiday can be a challenge. When you are in recovery, it’s important to adjust your…

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Drunk Driving During the Holidays

Every holiday season, there is a dangerous uptick in impaired driving, specifically drunk and drugged driving. And, with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 added to the traditional holiday experience,…

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Celebrating a Sober Memorial Day

American flag against blue sky

Even during a pandemic, cultural traditions tied to holidays like Memorial Day Weekend can be especially challenging to people living in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. This year, most…

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Dangerous Drinking: Halloween and Alcohol

Photo of jack o'lanterns

Binge drinking is one of the scariest elements of Halloween. From drunk driving to pedestrian fatalities, alcohol misuse has become a deadly tradition when celebrating Halloween. Halloween and Binge Drinking…

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