Top Five Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment

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With the benefits of virtual care expanding, many people are turning to online addiction treatment programs as a supplement to in-person care.

At Valley Hope, this virtual care solution is an effective treatment option for anyone requiring an outpatient level of care.

What Are the Top Five Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment?

The top five benefits of using an online drug and alcohol addiction treatment program include:

1. Accessibility

Online programs make addiction treatment more accessible by removing barriers for people that do not live close to a treatment center, for people with disabilities, as well as people with challenges ranging from lack of childcare or transportation to those living in remote communities and more. convenience, flexibility, effectiveness and relapse prevention.

2. Flexibility

An online outpatient treatment program such as Valley Hope’s TeleHealth program, enables you to receive high quality, intensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment while continuing to live at home and maintain your family responsibilities and work schedule. 

3. Convenience

Telehealth programs make substance abuse treatment convenient for patients and families. Virtual treatment platforms, such as Valley Hope’s TeleCare program, are designed for patient convenience, simply requiring an internet connection, laptop or desktop computer, smartphone or tablet and camera. By using your existing technology, you can receive addiction treatment in your home at the click of a button.

4. Effectiveness

Virtual treatment is regarded as a viable, effective option for treating drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, a study by Yale University in 2018  revealed that “[patients] are more likely to complete treatment and use less drugs and alcohol, both within treatment and through a six-month follow-up if they use an online program teaching skills and strategies to control behavior rather than undergoing standard therapy.”

Another study published by The American Journal of Psychiatry revealed that online treatment programs reduced active addiction among the patient group. And, according to a study by the Addiction Science & Clinical Practice Journal, virtual treatment programs have approval rates above 75 percent.

5. Relapse Prevention

Valley Hope’s virtual treatment program includes tailored continuing care planning and coordination with you and your treatment team to help reduce the risk of relapse. That often includes participating in weekly one-hour Continuing Care groups that focus on relapse prevention and peer recovery support, as well as guidance on 12 Step involvement and developing strategies for managing a sober life.

How Does Online Addiction Treatment Work?

Typically, virtual addiction treatment provides services that parallel the face-to-face experience of an outpatient treatment program. Valley Hope’s online treatment services include:

  1. Small Group Therapy: Groups are facilitated by licensed clinicians and serve as an opportunity for healing conversations about the disease of addiction, sharing coping skills and sober strategies and building peer relationships and a community of recovery support.
  2. Addiction Education: Virtual IOP treatment includes engaging educational presentations, dynamic speakers and key conversations that cover the disease of addiction, coping skills, 12 Step teachings, sober strategies and other important topics.
  3. Individual Counseling Sessions: Individual therapy sessions allow you to meet one-on-one with your counselor confidentially on an as-needed basis.

Known as a pioneer of using TeleCare technology to expand access to life-changing substance abuse services, Valley Hope first launched an online addiction treatment platform in 2007. Since then, our TeleHealth program has helped expand access to treatment by filling the gaps in care for people, families and communities impacted by drug and alcohol addiction.

What Is the Best Virtual Treatment Option?

If you or someone you know may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, the addiction experts at Valley Hope can provide a free level of care screening to determine if you require clinical treatment.

Valley Hope provides a full continuum of substance abuse care including online addiction treatment through 14 programs across six states including Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas. Our programs provide compassionate, evidenced-based therapies, medical detox services, residential treatment, outpatient treatment and virtual treatment programs.

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