Music That Explores Recovery

concert hands in the air

Recovery music can inspire and motivate us on the road to sobriety. Many musicians have produced songs inspired by their own addiction and recovery experience. Whether the song represents their…

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Dangerous Drinking: Halloween and Alcohol

Photo of jack o'lanterns

Binge drinking is one of the scariest elements of Halloween. From drunk driving to pedestrian fatalities, alcohol misuse has become a deadly tradition when celebrating Halloween. Halloween and Binge Drinking…

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Recovery Stories: The Power of Sobriety

Inspired by National Recovery Month, people are aiming to reduce stigma by sharing the power of sobriety through a collection of diverse, inspiring recovery stories. The project, Voices of Hope,…

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Sober Summer Strategy

Developing an effective sober summer strategy can help you manage triggers and fortify your sobriety. While summertime provides many opportunities to strengthen your recovery through sober activities, the season also…

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The Ultimate Sober Summer Guide

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A sober summer strategy brings countless opportunities to enhance your sobriety and relish your recovery. Whether you are new to recovery or firmly in long-term sobriety, explore summer experiences and…

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Sober Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

memorial day ribbons

For people in early recovery, holidays like Memorial Day Weekend can be especially challenging to maintain sobriety. Most of that stems from cultural traditions tied to the holiday. Many of…

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