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Inspired by National Recovery Month, people are aiming to reduce stigma by sharing the power of sobriety through a collection of diverse, inspiring recovery stories. The project, Voices of Hope, chronicles the recovery journeys of Valley Hope alumni, while offering hope and healing to loved ones and families seeking help. Voices of Hope leverages the personal stories of those living in recovery to help educate communities about the disease of addiction, effective treatment and the power of recovery.

Only ten percent of people who need addiction treatment actually receive it and by shining a light on the potential of recovery, communities can eliminate stigma and help more individuals, families and communities find healing.

Explore some of the powerful sobriety stories that demonstrate treatment can work and recovery is possible:


Recovery has given me my life back. I was merely existing on a daily basis. It was difficult to do anything other than watch the clock, so I knew when it was safe to take another round of pain medication. Working was a daily struggle. If I had to drive anywhere, I had to get a ride or plan my driving when I wasn’t on pain meds – which only added to my pain level and the urgent feeling I had to take my pain medication.

It has also given me an opportunity to tell my story. I made the choice before I came to Valley Hope to be 100 percent up front and honest with everyone about what was happening and where I was going. By doing this, I opened the doors and made other people more comfortable in talking to me about their own struggles (or a family member) with addiction.

It’s given me the ability to see ADDICTION in a different view and a platform to speak about it in our community.


Recovery has impacted my life in many ways. I have a brighter outlook on life. My relationships with my family have grown dramatically, especially my relationship with my wife. We both knew something had to change, so I went to Valley Hope for treatment. I didn’t know what to expect, but after a few days, I knew it was where I needed to be. The people I met had the same problems and we managed to get through them together. They will always have my heart. The year of sobriety has gone by so fast, it was amazing. My health has improved 100% and I will always be grateful for the staff at Valley Hope for saving my life. They gave me direction and guided me through the addiction.


Recovery has given me a new outlook on life and all the things in it. When I was drinking, absolutely nothing mattered except that next drink. I stole money to buy alcohol, I used all the change I could find, and I always made sure that I had more alcohol hidden somewhere. I found myself trying to hide from anyone and everyone. I didn’t go to work so that I could drink. Life was not good. I got tired of lying and looking for new places to hide during the day when I was supposed to be working.

Today in recovery, I have made many new friends that I can talk to for support. I can spend more time with my kids, grandkids, family and have enough energy and patience to enjoy them. I have gained back self-confidence. I can share my experiences with others now and hope to help them in their journey as well. I can socialize with others when before I didn’t want to go anywhere unless I could drink. I have lost a lot of weight and no longer some medications that I don’t need anymore. I am human again.


Recovery has made a significant impact in my life in many wonderful ways.  It really all started with the day I was admitted to Valley Hope. My life became the life I used to have before this horrible disease took control of everything in my life.

I am a farmer in Nebraska. I look forward to going to work every day, it makes me feel productive again. I am the best possible farmer I can be. I am a granddad to my grandchildren. I would never have been allowed to spend that time with them, if it had not been for my recovery. I am so blessed that I did not miss out on being a part of their lives. I have lots of friends in AA and they are also my family. I feel as if my life has purpose now, helping others who are now where I used to be.

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