Families and Recovery: Essential Steps

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Each September at Valley Hope we celebrate National Recovery Month. VH facilities across the country have unique events planned throughout the month to engage the public in learning more about substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery and the positive impact on our communities.

SUD affects more than just the person struggling with the disease. It impacts every member of the family. And so, an important part of recovery includes family members finding the support necessary to help them through their own recovery process. Often, family members find that support with others who have loved ones in treatment and/or recovery. Others may need a deeper level of support and care to help facilitate long term healing and recovery.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers these suggestions for families ready to begin the recovery journey:

  • Joining a local family support group to meet others experiencing similar challenges.
  • Participating in family programs in which education and treatment sessions include loved ones.
  • Attending individual therapy to learn appropriate coping skills.
  • Eating healthy meals and getting adequate sleep.
  • Managing stress by engaging in hobbies and getting exercise.
  • Sharing their stories with the virtual recovery community and reading about others who have similar experiences.

Valley Hope offers a variety of services for individuals, couples and families at our residential and outpatient treatment facilities. Individual, family and small group sessions explore emotional responses to addiction and consider positive ways of managing emotions. Interactive lectures help families understand the disease of addiction and learn behaviors that will support their loved one’s recovery.