EAP Services: An Invaluable Benefit for Treatment and Recovery

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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) evolved in the 1930s, when occupational alcoholism began to seriously impact the productivity of American industry. When employees found recovery, business owners saw a dramatic shift in job performance and the overall bottom line. So, they began to play an active role in finding help for their workforce. The program soon spread to assisting employees with other issues that impacted their well-being and productivity, as well as helping family members with their own welfare.

Today, EAPs provide referrals, resources and counsel for employees and their families on a breadth of issues and concerns. But the foundation of the EAP system remains in finding successful treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) through thoughtful assessments, informed referrals and ongoing support.

EAPs serve to help employees find solutions. Use of an EAP is strictly confidential and simple to access. Employers provide a simple contact name and phone number. This information is often posted at the workplace, for example the breakroom or other common area. Employees should also be able to access EAP information in the employee handbook or benefits package documents. No preliminary permissions, steps or actions are required. Simply pick up the phone to begin using your EAP benefits and access the help you need.

For employees that use their EAP to access treatment for SUD, it is important to understand that the EAPs do their homework in order to find and refer the best quality treatment available. EAPs are committed to ensuring employees receive not adequate but successful care. And, the service does not end after a treatment referral.

Beyond their expertise of the various levels of SUD care available, EAPs work diligently with treatment providers like Valley Hope. This partnership include protocols designed to deliver tailored programs, positive outcomes and the best quality of care for their employees. The ultimate goal for EAPs is to help employees and their family members find effective treatment and success in recovery.

The EAP also navigates and manages the insurance process, relieving a major stress from employees. The added value of having an EAP advocate for treatment and continuing care is priceless to employees. EAPs work with insurance providers and treatment providers to ensure employees receive the level and amount of care required to ensure successful long-term recovery.

Valley Hope works with countless EAPs across the country to provide the best quality care available for their employees and all patients. From local businesses and community organizations to large corporations including major auto manufacturers and airlines, we’ve developed longstanding, trusted referral relationships with EAPs.

Integrated Care

An integrated care approach ensures Valley Hope clinicians, admissions and nursing staff work hand in hand with EAPs every step of the way. This approach includes creating an effective treatment plan, putting the plan in effective action and ultimately empowering the employee or family member with the tools and support needed to live a full life in recovery.

For employees with access to an EAP service that are in need of help, especially help with an SUD, be sure to use this invaluable benefit and find the help you or your family member needs to find and sustain hope in recovery.

We will work together to help you and your family find health, hope and happiness.