Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in O'Neill, NE

About Valley Hope of O'Neill

Located in rural, north-central Nebraska, Valley Hope of O’Neill has provided effective, affordable residential treatment for substance use disorder since 1977.

Our residential rehab program includes safe, medically-monitored detox from drugs and alcohol, proven dual diagnosis therapies, addiction education, relapse prevention planning and long-term recovery strategies. Our co-occurring treatment approach blends 12 Step philosophy with innovative clinical methods to treat alcohol and drug addiction.

Our evidence-based, patient-centered care is provided by a team of compassionate clinical experts in a comfortable environment that supports holistic healing. Our treatment and recovery experts customize a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient that addresses physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health needs. Your treatment team works hand in hand, side by side with you to achieve not just sobriety, but long-term recovery during and after your treatment stay.

Program Details

  • Located off HWY 275 in Northern Nebraska
  • Co-Occurring Treatment
  • On-site medical detox and MAT therapy options
  • Utilizes milieu therapy, group therapy, individual and family therapy
  • Our counselors, chaplains, physicians, nurses and psychologists work together to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of each individual
  • Patients receive more than 40 hours per week of individual counseling, pastoral sessions and group therapy
  • Facilitates patient introduction and involvement in 12 Step meetings
  • Discharge planning and return to work assistance
  • Outdoor and indoor recreational activities
  • Virtual Family Care

Dual Diagnosis // Residential // Medical Detox // Virtual Family Care

Admissions 24/7: (402) 336-0008

1421 N 10th St.
O'Neill, NE 68763

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For help 24/7 call (800) 544-5101 to speak confidentially with a treatment and recovery expert now. Our Admissions Team can provide a free assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care.

Blue Distinction Center

Blue Distinction Centers are nationally designated facilities that show a commitment to delivering improved patient safety and better health outcomes, based on objective measures that were developed with input from the medical community and leading accreditation and quality organizations.

Cigna Center of Excellence

The designation recognizes top performing addiction recovery centers that provide patients with quality care, an exceptional experience and cost efficiency. The Center of Excellence program evaluates patient outcomes and cost data using nationally recognized standards.

Achievements in Clinical Excellence

Hospitals and behavioral health facilities must pass a rigorous credentialing process to become part of the Optum network. Optum’s data-driven program promotes high-quality, efficient care by rating behavioral health facilities based on their clinical outcomes and costs of treatment. Valley Hope is proud to be a platinum member.

Meet Your Team

Executive Director and Clinician, Kathy Johnston

Our Staff


Kathy Johnston

Executive Director


Beth Sanders

Business Manager


Ann Crumly

Director of Nursing


Rebecca Leslie

Clinical Program Director

Staff Spotlight


Wes Thompson, Chaplain

What makes Valley Hope unique?

I believe it is a combination of things. It is our treatment of patients with respect, dignity and compassion, combined with a spiritual emphasis, that makes us unique.

How has your experience at Valley Hope affected you personally?

It has given me a better understanding of addiction, and helped me be more compassionate toward people caught up in addiction.

What is your favorite step?

My favorite step is the 5th step, because I’ve seen, almost without exception, the freedom and hope that it brings when people get honest and admit their wrongs.

Why does Valley Hope encourage patients to engage in a 12 Step program?

I’m not sure the official reason, but I believe it’s because it works when people get serious and use it as part of their recovery.

Describe a recovery story that has moved you.

I can’t point to a particular one, but there is usually something about every patient’s story that moves me, particularly when I see them lower than low without hope when they come in, and then see the transformation that happens when they realize they are not alone and not hopeless, and then they leave with confidence and hope. Then they come back in a year and get their cup…and then, still radiating hope and confidence, come back on successive anniversaries and get another cup. That has brought tears of hope and confidence to me!

How do chaplains work with patients?

I can’t speak for the other chaplains, but my wise guy response was going to be, “carefully.” Then I realized that probably is descriptive of how I approach each patient…with care and compassion (and prayer). And then, it’s a matter of meeting them where they are and working through the first 7 or 8 steps and applying everything to them and their situation.

Why is spirituality essential to recovery?

I believe it is because a person cannot do this by themselves. We need help on the journey of recovery, and that includes from other people as well as God (as we understand Him).


“Valley Hope saved my life. They know what they are doing, and they really care.”  - Sammie, Valley Hope Alumna

“I can't explain to you the people, the staff, the experiences. The things I let go of. The people I still stay in contact with til this day. Valley Hope changed my entire aspect of life after my addiction completely blinding me of it. I would refer anyone I know to this place, and have been back multiple times to see it.” -Brittany, Valley Hope Alumna

“I highly recommend Valley Hope to anyone that's trying to stop drinking alcohol and doing drugs. All are welcomed here. I now have four years of sobriety. Thanks for helping me get my life back, your staff was kind and loving. They showed me how I can live sober and free.” – Miguel, Valley Hope Alumnus

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For help 24/7 call (800) 544-5101 to speak confidentially with a treatment and recovery expert now. Our Admissions Team can provide a free assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care.