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    Valley Hope launches expanded Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

    Valley Hope launches expanded Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

    OCTOBER 19, 2015, OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – In response to a growing trend of substance use disorders among younger generations of Kansas City-area residents, the ...

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    Why Choose Residential Addiction Treatment?

    When you make the commitment to enter drug and alcohol treatment to address your addiction, you are making a major commitment of both your time ...

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    Why are Addicts Turning to Heroin from Prescription Pain Killers?

    The Pill and Heroin Epidemic Prescription pill addiction and heroin addiction has been on a steady rise over the past ten years. According to the National ...

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    Recovery Fellowship 102: Alcoholics Anonymous

    Many of you have probably heard of the recovery group called  Alcoholics Anonymous, it is one of, if not the most well-known recovery fellowship in ...

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    What Are the Components of a Family Care Program?

    We know that addiction is a complex disease that encompasses many factors. In drug treatment, those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol receive the ...

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Addiction Treatment Admission

When treating addiction, time is of great importance. That is why representatives with the Valley Hope Association are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone. We are here to help answer all your questions about addiction treatment and to assist through the addiction treatment admission process. Whether you, a family member, an employee, a best friend or a co-worker is experiencing problems with alcohol or some other drug, Valley Hope wants to be of service to you. Our addiction treatment services are designed for people who are experiencing addiction regardless of economic status, race, national origin, political affiliation, sex or disability.

We have treated individuals ranging from ages 16 and up in an integrated treatment approach that we believe mirrors life in the real world, but there are state-license age limitations at some Valley Hope addiction rehabilitation facilities. It is a goal of the Valley Hope Association to remove as many barriers to drug and alcohol addiction treatment as possible. You will find our staff ready and willing to listen in an effort to help find the best placement for you or your loved one. If for some reason it is determined that treatment is not appropriate at one of our addiction treatment facilities, we will assist you with an appropriate resource to contact.

The Valley Hope Association can accommodate addiction treatment admission at most of our addiction treatment facilities regardless of where the individual fighting addiction resides through our Fly to Recovery Program. Regional and national companies and individuals are discovering that the Fly to Recovery treatment option offered by the Valley Hope Association works to their advantage.

Our rates for residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment are substantially lower than the industry average even with the cost of airfare added to the total. Valley Hope will assist with making your flight arrangements and include the cost of the flight in the final bill upon discharge. Addiction treatment facilities offering the Fly To Recovery service include:

To learn more about the addiction treatment admission process or addiction treatment services offered through the Valley Hope Association, please contact us today.