Recovery Month 2020: Staying Connected

Each September, National Recovery Month recognizes the power of recovery, the resources available to support sobriety, the people who work in our communities to promote and provide healing and evidence-based addiction treatment practices.

In 2020, the Recovery Month focus is on celebrating connections in recovery. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting daily life, including recovery routines, it’s important to shine a light on the resources and communities available through virtual, digital and social connections — even in this uncertain time, you are not alone.

In recovery, we learn that community is one of our strongest assets. We understand that we recognize that we cannot fight addiction alone. Discover virtual resources that can help support and strengthen recovery during the coronavirus and beyond:

Online Peer Recovery Support Groups

Valley Hope provides free recovery support services, including online Recovery Support Groups. It is important for people living in sobriety to stay connected with a supportive recovery community. These free virtual meetings, offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12PM and 6PM CDT, are available to anyone in recovery ­— whether you received treatment at Valley Hope or not. All are welcome.

Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

An online directory of more than 1,000 virtual meetings.

In the Rooms

Hosts over one hundred live video meetings every week where members connect and share with each other. Through live meetings, discussion groups, and all the other tools In the Rooms has to offer, people from around the world connect with one another and help each other along their recovery journeys.

Reddit Recovery

Offers a place for people in recovery to hang out, share experiences, and support each other. Discuss the various ways to achieve and maintain a life free from active addiction.

Voices of Hope

Inspired by National Recovery Month, people are aiming to reduce stigma by sharing the power of sobriety through a collection of diverse, inspiring recovery stories. The project, Voices of Hope, chronicles the recovery journeys of Valley Hope alumni, while offering hope and healing to loved ones and families seeking help. Voices of Hope leverages the personal stories of those living in recovery to help educate communities about the disease of addiction, effective treatment and the power of recovery.

Only ten percent of people who need addiction treatment actually receive it and by shining a light on the potential of recovery, communities can eliminate stigma and help more individuals, families and communities find healing.

Visit the Voices of Hope project at to explore recovery stories, addiction information and treatment resources. Valley Hope’s blog provides extensive resources and information for loved ones, families and the recovery community.

Millions of Americans are thriving in recovery.  Valley Hope provides extensive recovery resources to the community and we provide our alumni with a free recovery support system that provides ongoing opportunities that empower your sobriety.

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If you feel like you need help immediately, the Valley Hope team is available 24/7 at (800) 544-5101.