Why Seek Addiction Help During the Holidays?

Each holiday season, people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction delay seeking help. Often, the reasoning used for pushing aside treatment stems from not wanting to leave family during the holidays or “missing out” on the festivities. The truth is, delaying treatment is a dangerous reflex and most families would prefer their loved one receive treatment rather than endure another anxiety-filled season.

Eight reasons why it’s the most wonderful time of the year to receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction:

  1. Your family wants you to get help now, not tomorrow. The disease of addiction has built-in anxiety and trauma that flourishes during the holidays and family members are directly impacted.
  2. The holidays are full of opportunities to over-indulge in alcohol and other substances. Death rates from substance abuse tick up significantly. This is a dangerous playground for people suffering with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.
  3. Get help now and give your family the gift of recovery. It will be the most meaningful, valuable gift you ever give to the people who care about you.
  4. Many people find comfort and joy in alcohol during the holidays — at parties and at home. Binge drinking is a practiced coping skill that many deploy amid the inherent chaos and stress of the season. This is evidenced by the elevated, costly DUI arrests during November and December.
  5. Entering treatment during the holidays sets you up to enter the New Year healthy in recovery. Sobriety will no longer haunt your to-do list.
  6. Treatment at the end of the calendar year can be more cost-effective. If you have health insurance, your deductible starts over in January. For people who have met their deductible, entering treatment before January 1 can result in significant savings.
  7. Delay can be deadly. Don’t risk another day of active addiction. Get help now to avoid all of the unmerry mayhem that the holidays present to people with an addiction. The stakes grow higher as each day passes.
  8. You are worthy of recovery. You deserve healing and the transformational power of recovery. Why wait to unwrap such a precious gift?

Ready to change your life and live a merry and bright life on recovery? Get help immediately by calling the Valley Hope Assessment and Referral Center at (800) 544-5101. If you or a loved one are ready to seek help, you can also take an online assessment and begin your journey to a healthy, happy life in recovery today.