Leading the Way

Founded in 1967 as a pioneering addiction treatment facility, Valley Hope of Norton continues to build a strong legacy of recovery. In 2021, our services are expanding, driven by a dedicated team of professionals from across our community who serve with a relentless passion for helping people and families reclaim their lives from addiction.

Last year, the impacts of COVID-19 created economic and operating pressures as well as health anxieties across the entire country.  The front end of the pandemic was particularly difficult for the addiction treatment and recovery industry.  In many cases, seeking treatment is an elective activity; one that can be delayed to a later date. The thought of checking into a facility and being confined 24/7 with strangers was too much for many when COVID-19 first swept across our country. 

At that time, Valley Hope of Norton, like many treatment centers, was hit hard as people quarantined and postponed their treatment plans.  Patient census at the Norton facility plummeted to single digits and it was anyone’s guess how long the fear of checking into facilities would last.  To ensure the long-term viability of the organization, the Valley Hope Board of Directors suspended admissions at the Norton facility to conduct a careful analysis of options available for managing the challenges of an unprecedented pandemic. 

Approximately 10 days later, Valley Hope of Norton resumed admissions with a strategic plan that both trimmed operating costs while committing market development resources.  Norton Valley Hope weathered the pandemic; the most difficult situation it has faced in its 54-year history.  In fact, Valley Hope of Norton is finding new life through expansion of services and a “never give up” attitude by a strong and dedicated team.  This group provides a broad base of talents and experience.  Most important though is their tireless efforts to serve those suffering from addictions tied with their sincere passion for ensuring Valley Hope’s continued success.

As a post-COVID world approaches, we are looking for additional members to join our team and serve the vital mission of saving lives from drug and alcohol addiction.  In this era of innovation and expansion, Valley Hope of Norton’s future looks bright with much to be excited about:

  • Provided life-saving treatment to 264 patients from July 1, 2020 to present.
  • Growing our team of 29 full time employees with plans to add more including an on-site patient admissions team.
  • Launched an Intensive Outpatient Program and a Continuing Care Program in August 2020.
  • Started a new service providing Drug and Alcohol Assessments and a service providing Drug and Alcohol Classes in February 2021.
  • Developing community-based Sober Living Program on the facility campus set to open in July 2021. This new program will fill gaps in post-treatment services by providing long-term recovery support, including assistance with employment opportunities.

All of these milestones were achieved, implemented, and are progressing despite the challenges of COVID-19.

With the demand for treatment increasing, the needs of patients shifting and treatment innovations evolving, Valley Hope of Norton stands ready to continue its 54-year legacy of saving lives and healing families. 

The Valley Hope Association Board of Directors