From Addiction to Recovery

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Russell Brand - Addiction should be a health issue not a judicial issueIn 2012, Russell Brand, an English comedian, actor and activist, completed a documentary about addiction and recovery. This documentary, entitled “Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery” describes Mr. Brand’s experience both as an addict and in recovery. As a caution to potential viewers, it is worthwhile to note that this video contains occasional profanity, as well as images of drugs and drug use.

In this documentary, Mr. Brand’s mother and other people influential in Mr. Brand’s life talk about their experiences with Mr. Brand’s addiction. This film was created a year after Amy Winehouse’s death at age 27. Mr. Brand knew Amy personally, so her death had a significant impact on him.

This documentary was created to help people understand addiction as a disease. As Mr. Brand stated, addiction needs to be considered a health issue, not a judicial issue. He believes in providing treatment to those who are incarcerated, particularly if their criminal offense is related to their substance use. A number of medical experts, treatment providers and addicted people are interviewed and there is quite a bit of discussion about addiction, as well as the potential for treatment to help those who are addicted. Overall, Mr. Brand presents a serious, although sometimes humorous picture of addiction based, in part, on his own personal experience as an addict.