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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient drug rehab program is designed to offer many of the same benefits as our residential program. The patient is provided treatment in a group setting, with other patients experiencing the same chronic disease and problems. Outpatient drug rehab treatment services are available across our seven state network. Individuals who are able to take advantage of this level of care are able to remain on the job and live at home while receiving professional help with their addiction.

Our intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) option provides treatment in a six-week format that meets three times per week for a minimum of three hours each session. All locations offer evening sessions and many provide sessions during the day. Much of the work is done in an intensive group therapy setting with education, 12-step work and individual sessions.Intensive outpatient drug rehab treatment (IOP) may include relapse prevention therapy, as well as continuing care services ranging in length from six months to one year or longer. Family participation is encouraged.

Our outpatient centers offer several other treatment options. These include traditional outpatient; individual, group and family counseling; relapse prevention and assessment/evaluation services. We also provide a continuing care component designed to meet the needs of each patient. We encourage active involvement in appropriate 12-step programs at each level of care.

IOP Plus

Valley Hope is very proud to offer a unique and innovative outpatient treatment option at many of our outpatient offices. The treatment combines the best qualities of a traditional on-ground Intensive Outpatient Program with the convenience and 24-hour accessibility of an online treatment component that is based on structured support and monitoring.

This multi-modal drug rehab program fulfills a number of patient needs. In addition to providing traditional face-to-face therapy and a group setting where the patient spends time with other people affected by the same chronic disease and problems, it also allows patients to complete portions of the program via secure computer access. By blending on-ground outpatient services with our Accessible Care and Effective Support Services (AC/ESS), this new IOP program provides flexible services that do not conflict with patients’ busy schedules and other commitments. Individuals who are able to take advantage of this level of drug and alcohol rehab care are able to remain on the job and live at home while receiving professional help with their addiction.

This patient-centered program includes the following features:

  • Face-to-face group therapy three evenings per week (M-W-F) for 1.5 hours (total of 4.5 hours weekly)
  • Online psycho-educational and 12-Step lectures which can be completed at the individual’s convenience – when and where they may choose. This portion of the program accounts for 4.5 hours weekly
  • 24/7 access to a structured online drug rehab and therapy room
  • One hour of individual therapy per week, which may be conducted face-to-face or by telephone, depending on the patient’s needs
  • Expanded treatment options designed specifically to treat opiate addiction
  • In-house Coffee Shop/Internet Café where patients may access online services, visit with one another, or just enjoy a cup of coffee in a safe recovery environment

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