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Addiction Treatment Services – Continuing Care

It is imperative that patients have a well-defined continuing care plan after addiction treatment for a successful recovery. We encourage regular participation in a 12 Step program as part of the addiction treatment continuing care plan. In addition, Valley Hope offers weekly group therapy sessions to support the recovery process. The focus of the group sessions is relapse prevention and support. Continuing Care consists of a 1 hour group session once per week for as long as necessary. Patients who complete primary care (residential, partial, or IOP) at a Valley Hope facility may purchase a one year Continuing Care package. Each residential center also provides a monthly renewal day for former patients at no charge.


Accessible Care / Effective Support Services

(AC/ESS) Continuing Care Program

AC/ESS Continuing Care group therapy is offered to individuals who cannot utilize traditional face-to-face continuing care therapy groups or who would benefit from a virtual group therapy experience. The online drug and alcohol rehab therapy room is available 24-hours a day and group members can post anytime at their convenience. Since the therapy room can be accessed from any computer (with the recommended requirements) connected to the Internet, an individual who is traveling can access the therapy room from a hotel room, a local library, or any computer at any location. Whether away or at home, AC/ESS drug rehab therapy allows individuals to receive support and offer feedback to others in the group. The virtual therapy room is a secure website that requires a user name and password to access the room. The AC/ESS counselor monitors the therapy room and provides feedback to the group at least once each business day. Each member of the group is asked to post daily to the therapy room and share with the group what is happening in their life. Group members are also asked to respond to a discussion question which is posted each week. In addition, group members have 24 hour access to the room and can post a message if they are struggling, need support, or would like feedback from others. Each group member is asked to respond to at least 2 other group members each week. If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding online drug rehab options please do not hesitate to contact AC/ESS Services at Valley Hope Association (800) 544-5101.

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