Overcoming Common Treatment Problems

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If you or a loved one is considering drug rehab, you may find that many day to day problems complicate your choice. Below are some concerns that come up regularly when a prospective patient is entering rehab and suggestions for how one might resolve these problems.

1) Caring For Pets

One fairly common obstacle for prospective patients who want treatment is “What do I do with my pet?” A very limited number of drug rehab programs allow pets, but often there are size restrictions and other limitations. If you cannot take your pet to treatment, consider a treatment program that has pet boarding nearby. Often a drug rehab center can provide you with a telephone number for a local pet boarding facility. If the drug rehab center allows you to leave the facility, you may be able to visit your pet regularly throughout your treatment stay. Many drug rehab facilities do not allow pets (for reasons including, but not limited to safety, cleanliness, noise, allergies, and licensing requirements). If you cannot bring your pet and if no boarding facilities are available near the drug rehab facility, talk to friends and family. If you have pets that cannot be easily moved, such as a fish tank or large reptile, you may find a friend, neighbor, or family member who will visit your home regularly to care for your pet. In cases where your pet can go to the home of another, it may be easier to have your pet cared for in the comfort of someone else’s home. Make sure you provide written instructions for caring for your pet, as well as enough food and other pet items to ensure that your pet can be cared for until you return home. You should provide enough food and other accessories to last for at least one week longer than you anticipate being gone as some people find that they are not ready to leave treatment as early as they originally expected to be.

2) Paying Bills

When possible, it is best to pay bills before leaving for treatment. This includes rent, utilities, and other routine monthly payments. At many drug rehab facilities, it is difficult to access a computer to pay bills online and you may find that you are busy enough that you don’t want the hassle of finding time to take care of bills. If you share your household with a spouse, significant other, friend or family, they may be able to help. If you find that you will not be able to make a payment for any reason, contact the person or business and talk with them about alternate arrangements. No one wants to return home after drug rehab to find that their utilities have been turned off or their vehicle has been repossessed.

3) What Will People Think?

Probably one of the most common fears that individuals have before they enter treatment is “What will everyone think when they find out I’m an addict?” There is a lot of social pressure to appear like you have everything together, even when you do not. Always remember, though, that by the time you realize you need drug rehab, most of the people close to you will already know there is a problem. Oftentimes, people will be more supportive than you expect and they will respect your decision to take care of yourself. As in any situation, there may be those who look down on you for your addiction. However, remember that many famous and successful people have come out about being addicts and alcoholics. People have become more accepting of addiction than they were even 10 years ago and seeking help for your problems is just as likely to result in support as ridicule. You may even find that by sharing your story, you may help a friend or family member take the first step and address their own addiction.