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Residential Addiction Treatment Facility Near Dallas
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Grapevine Valley Hope provides alcohol and drug treatment services for individuals and families. We are located in historic Grapevine, a suburb of Dallas, and opened our doors to treat individuals in July of 2001. Since then, our residential facility has provided quality services for over 12,700 patients, as well as the family and friends of those patients.

Grapevine Valley Hope is a freestanding substance abuse facility near Dallas offering a variety of addiction treatment options for adults ages 18+ including sub-acute detox, residential and partial levels of care. Nursing staff is available around the clock to provide medications and assist patients who are experiencing detox symptoms or other health concerns. The length of stay in our program is variable and based upon each patient’s recovery needs.

Treatment is highly individualized. Each patient is assigned an individual counselor, a small group counselor and a non-denominational chaplain to guide them through the 12 Steps. Lectures, group counseling and interactive activities are conducted daily, taking advantage of the healing power of group milieu therapy. Patients will also work with their individual counselor to develop a continuing care plan so that they continue to receive the treatment and support they need, long after leaving the residential treatment center.

Our adjacent outpatient treatment facility offers the Dallas area both a morning and evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that meet three days per week. We offer several Continuing Care groups that meet during the day and in the evenings. Online treatment options are also available for family treatment, IOP and continuing care.

Valley Hope has always recognized the importance of family involvement in the process of recovery. An addiction can destroy families as much as it destroys the individuals who are admitting to addiction treatment. Grapevine Valley Hope offers family programming so that families have an opportunity to learn about addiction and begin the healing process. We also offer online family treatment which is a great resource for those family members who want to be involved, but may not be able to travel to our treatment center.

A key component to our treatment is helping individuals embrace the idea that there are benefits to sobriety that far outweigh simple abstinence.

Our admission staff is available 24/7. We accept most forms of private insurance. Self-pay options are also available.

Grapevine Valley Hope, the Valley Hope Association and all of our employees are in place to provide services for individuals, family members and the community at large affected by substance abuse/dependence and related circumstances. We take great pride in providing these services and greatly value the trust individuals have placed in us to provide them. If you, a family member or a friend are in need of our services, please contact us. For individuals inquiring about services, if Grapevine Valley Hope does not meet your needs, we will gladly assist you in obtaining services that will better fit your circumstances.

2300 William D. Tate Avenue
Grapevine, TX
Phone: (817) 424-1305
Fax: (817) 424-1327

To Reach Outpatient Please Call: 1-(817) 424-9013

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