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Choosing The Best

Rehab Center Location

By Dr. Tiffney Yeager

There are many treatment centers to choose from, so how do you choose the best drug and alcohol treatment center for your needs? There are many factors that differentiate treatment centers from one another. Where is the drug and alcohol treatment center located? Can you access it by car or other means? How large is the drug and alcohol treatment center? What age of patient can be admitted? How many days does the average patient stay in treatment? Does the treatment center accept men, women, or both? About how much will it cost? What additional expenses may occur “out of pocket”? Is there nursing staff on site? Does the drug and alcohol treatment center provide detox services? Will my insurance be accepted? Surely this is only the tip of the iceberg, but as you can see, drug and alcohol treatment centers vary widely and one center may not meet the needs of all prospective patients.

As you research drug and alcohol treatment centers, decide what is most important to you. If you want a rehab center that is close to your home, start by looking at rehab centers in your home area. This can be especially important if you are hoping to have your family involved in the treatment process, a very powerful experience for many patients. If you would like to consider drug and alcohol treatment centers that are not in proximity to your location (or if there are none close to you), look for facilities that may help facilitate your travel to and from the drug and alcohol treatment center. Some facilities will assist with travel plans, including flights. Think about the size of a rehab center. Some drug and alcohol treatment centers are quite large, which can provide for more diversity of treatment experiences and treatment staff. Other facilities are smaller, providing for a more intimate feel.

Many treatment centers are coed, offering treatment to both men and women. Additionally, many treatment centers offer treatment to adults of all ages, but for those who are legally minors, special programs may be needed.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers differ considerably in the average length of treatment.

Some centers provide only detox services, which can last hours to days. Other centers provide long term treatment, sometimes for months.

Of course, the length of stay at a drug and alcohol treatment center is one of the major factors in cost. Also, some drug and alcohol treatment centers take private insurance and even state assistance, while others only accept payment from the patient or his/her family.

Some drug and alcohol treatment centers include most or all aspects of treatment as part of a “package” or daily rate, while others charge “per service”. Getting an estimate for treatment can be important, particularly for those who will be paying a large part of their treatment costs “out of pocket”. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers have medical or nursing staff on site, although not all have medical staff available 24/7. Those facilities with medical or nursing staff on sight are more likely to provide detox services, which are often needed by those who are actively using substances.

Perhaps the best suggestion is to spend some time researching drug and alcohol treatment centers before admission. This can be done by either the prospective patient or his/her loved ones. Often a treatment center will have a designated person who can provide information over the phone. Some drug and alcohol treatment centers offer tours and other opportunities to see their center and meet their staff before committing to an admission.

Finding a treatment program that meets your needs can provide an enriching experience, one that hopefully will change your life forever. When the time is right for you or your loved one to take the next step and pursue drug or alcohol treatment, make the best decision possible, and then trust in those around you, your treatment team and your peers, to help you reach your goals in recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities

With drug and alcohol rehab facilities throughout 16 cities across 7 states, we are sure to have a place for you. Valley Hope also offers a Fly to Recovery program expanding our assistance nation wide. Near or far, we can help you fight addiction or continue your rehabilitation process.

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