Renewal Dates

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Atchison Renewal Day 3rd Friday of the Month

Alumni start coming about 8:30AM.  Our first official activity is Alumni Group at 9AM in the dining hall.  At 9:30AM, we’ll watch patient cup hangings in the Lecture Hall.  After cup hangings, our alumni get introduced to the group and the alumni share about when they were at Valley Hope, and where they go to meetings. The patient group spends time with visiting alumni to talk to and get telephone numbers for AA/NA contacts in their area.  We take a short break and start Road To Recovery around 10:45AM.  Next we have medallions usually about 11:15AM.  After lunch, Renewal small group starts around 1PM for an hour. We usually have 60 or more alumni visiting and usually 15 to 20 birthdays that we celebrate.


Atchison Valley Hope

1816 N. 2nd St., Atchison, KS, 66002

Ph: (913) 367-1618


Boonville Renewal Day – 2nd Friday of the Month

We celebrate Renewal Day the second Friday of every month. Any and all alumni and their loved ones are encouraged to join current patients, staff, and other alumni in the celebration and sharing of the experience, strength, and hope recovery brings. Alumni typically begin arriving around 830 AM and join current patients in the lecture hall at 940 AM to support discharging patients having their cup hanging ceremony. At 10 AM we have a staff led group session in the lecture hall just for Alumni and loved ones. Our medallion ceremony starts shortly after the group at 11 AM. There is plenty of time for socializing, encouraging current patients, and meeting old friends during the day. You are also invited to join us for lunch at 1230 pm. We look forward to seeing you. Please give us a call if you plan to pick up your cup or share a birthday with us. We like to plan for such special events!  Renewal Day is affectionately known as “payday” by the staff here at Boonville Valley Hope and we hope to see you soon!


Boonville Valley Hope

1415 Ashley Road, Boonville, MO  65233

Ph: (660) 883-6547


Chandler Renewal Day – 3rd Friday of the Month

Chandler Valley Hope invites ALL alumni to come and share their experience, strength and hope with the current patients and celebrate the gift of Recovery.  We start with Brunch at 10:00 AM at which time staff, current patients, and alumni can share and catch up with one another.  A GREAT TIME OF FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP!  Also, we hope alumni will be open to encouraging our current patients with your Recovery journey and perhaps answer some of their questions.  At 11:00AM we will honor Alumni with their Year Medallions and further celebrate Recovery.  Please remember that these times are a guideline only and depend on how many cups and medallions are presented.  Come each month and share your experience.  You can help like no one else can!!!!!  Give us a call if you plan to pick up your cup or share a birthday!

Please call with any questions.


Chandler Valley Hope

501 N. Washington, Chandler, AZ  85225

Ph: (480) 899-3335


Cushing Renewal Day – 3rd Friday of the Month   

Alumni begin arriving at the center early and are welcome to attend the first lecture at 8:50AM.   At 9:40AM, we’ll have patient cup hanging ceremony in the lecture hall.  We’ll enjoy a little break then at 11AM we’ll have Renewal Celebration in the lecture hall celebrating 1 year and multiple years.  There will also be an alumni recovery panel with the patient group.  Many alumni stay and enjoy lunch with us by purchasing a meal ticket when they sign in on the guest register and get a visitor name tag.  At 1pm there will be a counselor facilitated alumni group in the large room in the basement.


Cushing Valley Hope

100 S. Jones, Cushing,OK  74023

Ph: (913) 225-1736


Grapevine Renewal Day – Last Friday of the Month

We would like to invite you to Grapevine Valley Hope on the last Friday of each month at join in one of our alumni activities called Renewal day. Few things have the positive impact like our successful alumni returning back to the center. At 10AM Enjoy brunch with staff and alumni and then at 11AM, take part in the Medallion and Cup Ceremony. This includes Alumni returning to retrieve their cup as a one year celebration or presented with a VHA cup to commemorate multiple year birthdays.


Grapevine Valley Hope

2300 William D. Tate Ave., Grapevine, TX  76051

Ph: (817) 424-1305


Overland Park Renewal Night – Last Friday of the Month

Alumni will start arriving at 6:00PM and the evening will end at 9:00PM.  We would like to invite Alumni and Friends to share their stories, experience, strength and hope.  This will include Alumni that will also be returning to receive back their cup to celebrate their one year anniversary.  We will also provide refreshments for the evening activities.  This is a very interactive session for the whole Group.  We hope that you can come join us for a very fun and exciting evening.


Overland Park Valley Hope

10114 W. 105th St., Overland Park, KS, 66212

Ph: (913) 432-4037


Moundridge Renewal Day – Last Friday of the Month

Calling all Halstead/Moundridge Alumni!!!  We need your help!!!  Share your experience of recovery with our patients on the last Friday of each month in Moundridge.  Remember what it was like to catch some hope when you were a patient and heard the message of recovery from alumni?  Come at 8:50 for the “Hurdles” group and share your recovery experience (what works and what didn’t) with the current patients.  After “Hurdles” and cup hanging all the Alumni are introduced and say where they are from and where they go to meetings so current patients have the opportunity to talk and get phone numbers from clean and sober folks in their home area.  At 11AM we celebrate recovery birthdays in the Medallions Ceremony in the lecture hall – Woo Hoo! Lunch is at noon (prepared by our fantastic cooks!) followed by an Alumni Group at 1PM in the family room where we laugh, catch up, and sometimes even do therapy. If you are celebrating 1 year or more & plan on attending this event, please let us know. Come Join Us!


Moundridge Valley Hope

Wedel Recovery Center

200 S. Avenue B, Moundridge, KS 67107

Ph: (620) 860-1904


Norton Renewal Day – 2nd Friday of the Month

We start with a meet and greet at 8am in the Living Center for coffee and cookies.

9:00AM we will meet as a group in the ‘staff’ room in the counselor building for a 30 minute meeting.  9:30AM we will go to the Lecture Hall for cup hanging ceremony with the current patient group.  You will have a chance to introduce yourself and share where you are from so you can make connections with patients from your area.  10:30AM, join us in the Lecture Hall for a Medallion Ceremony.  Buy a $5 meal ticket at the nurse’s station and enjoy lunch with the patients and staff.

At 1:30PM, alumni will meet for a great meeting in the lecture hall.  The day concludes about 3PM.

Give us a call if you plan to pick up your cup or share a birthday!  Call if any questions.


Norton Valley Hope

709 W. Holmes, Norton, KS  67654

Ph: (785) 877-5101


Oklahoma City Renewal Night – 1st Tuesday of the Month  

Join us 5:30 – 7PM on the 1st Tuesday of the month.  Evening starts with fellowship and potluck at 5:30PM.

We begin with serenity prayer at 6 pm and recognize those celebrating varying lengths of sobriety and then the speaker is introduced.  We wrap it up with any announcements pertaining to Valley Hope or upcoming local recovery events.


Oklahoma City Valley Hope

6110 NW 63rd, Oklahoma City, OK, 73132

Ph: (405) 946-7337


Omaha Renewal Night – 1st Tuesday of the Month   

Omaha Renewal will start at 7PM.  There will medallions, a speaker, and celebration cake.  We will start with the serenity prayer, introductions, and celebration of various lengths of sobriety.  We ask alumni to share their experience strength and hope to others.  This is a great place to re-connect and meet new friends!  Come be part of the celebration of recovery!


Omaha Valley Hope

7703 Serum Ave, Ralston, NE, 68127

Ph: (402) 991-8824


O’Neill Renewal Day – 1st Friday of the Month

Renewal Day, the first Friday of the month at O’Neill Valley Hope has grown to be an inspiring event.

Events start Thursday night for those that will be in O’Neill with guest attendance at the 6:30PM Continuing Care group. Lots of people start their Friday by attending Chapel services at 7:40AM and then lecture at 8:50AM.  “Brunch” starts at 10:00AM.  Medallion ceremonies begin promptly at 11:00AM.  If it’s your sobriety birthday month, join us and collect a “Celebrating Recovery” cup no matter how many years you’re celebrating.  Lunch is served at 12:00.  Alumni Group meets at 1:00 in the Dining Hall.   Join us for a Celebration of Recovery and “Carry the Message” to others.

Give us a call if you plan to attend Thursday continuing care.


O’Neill Valley Hope

1421 North 10th St.,  O’Neill, NE  66763

Ph: (402) 336-0008


Parker Renewal Day – 3rd Friday of the Month

Join us for Renewal Day starting at 9AM with Alumni Group.  At 10AM enjoy brunch with staff and alumni and then at 11AM take part in the Medallion and Cup Ceremony. This includes Alumni returning to retrieve their cup as a one year celebration or those commemorating multiple year birthdays. Few things have the positive impact like our successful alumni returning back to the center.  If you are celebrating 1 year or more and plan on attending this event, please let us know.


Parker Valley Hope,

22422 East Main Street, Parker, CO, 80134

Ph: (303) 841-7857


St. Louis Renewal Night – 4th Wednesday of the Month

St. Louis Area Monthly Alumni/Renewal Groups meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00PM in the large group room.  This is the perfect time for those who share the Valley Hope experience to enjoy some fellowship and carry the message to those who are just beginning their recovery journey.  The alumni returning each month to hang cups, pick up medallions and lend support to others are a valuable asset for St. Louis Valley Hope, and we appreciate all of you!


St. Louis Valley Hope,

12777 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO, 63141

Ph: (314) 514-9220


Tempe Renewal Night – Last Thursday of the month

Thursdays at Tempe Valley Hope are for our alumni and friends! Our Renewal Night is the last Thursday of the month.  After patients who receive their one year medallion share their experience strength and hope, a speaker shares for approximately 20 minutes and then the meeting is open for other members to share. The meeting runs from 6-7 with an attendance between 25-55 people.  Family members and friends are always welcome to come and tell the truth about how much their partners have changed. Another bonus is to enjoy cake and fellowship while listening to how people have stayed sober and clean for a year.  Please come join us!


Tempe Valley Hope

Rio Sureno Medical Plaza

2115 E. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85282

(480) 831-9533


Wichita Renewal Night – 3rd Friday of the Month

The celebration kicks off on the third Friday of the month starting at 6PM.  We will have alumni sit in on small group.  Former patients can come back to receive the cup they made while in Intensive Outpatient treatment, or a Valley Hope Coffee Cup for each additional year they have maintained sobriety on their sobriety date.  We know that your experience, strength, and hope can help those who are new to the program see that long term recovery is possible.  We will have refreshments, snacks, and time for fellowship.  Please join us!


Wichita Valley Hope,

901 W Douglas, Wichita, KS, 67213

Ph: (316) 264-7369