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paying-for-treatmentMany addiction treatment centers require payment for all treatment costs at the time of admission. At Valley Hope, we understand such payment is sometimes difficult. Our first and highest concern is that our patients receive the treatment they need. Valley Hope offers many payment options for treatment costs. These options, which are available at each of our rehab centers, can be discussed with one of our admission coordinators prior to admission by calling our toll free number at (800) 544-5101. Our staff are trained to help patients and family members get into treatment and they can tailor a payment plan to accommodate most personal situations.

It is always standard procedure at Valley Hope rehab centers for the admissions staff to meet face to face with patients and family to ensure they are aware of all financial options.

Insurance Coverage

Valley Hope’s rehab centers are an in-network provider for many insurance and managed care companies. Valley Hope will contact your insurance company to get an estimate of your insurance benefits and this estimate will be discussed with you. Your actual benefits will be determined by your insurance company after a claim is filed and, in some cases, can be different than the estimated benefits. Most insurance companies will require our rehab centers to obtain advance approval from them to allow you to use your chemical dependency benefits. This decision is made by the insurance company and is based on medical necessity criteria they have developed. In many cases, insurance companies will approve only a few days or sessions at a time and then require us to obtain further approval for continued treatment.

As a service to you, VHA rehab centers will file a claim with your insurance company on your behalf promptly after discharge. While your insurance claim is pending you will not be billed for the portion of your treatment we expect insurance to pay. Most insurance claims require 30 to 120 days to settle. Payments received from your insurance company will be credited to your patient account. Your insurance company may send you a statement explaining your benefits around the same time we credit your account for the insurance benefits. Questions or concerns about insurance payment on your account should be directed to your insurance company.

Cash Discount Program

Many patients have found it convenient to pay their account in full before they discharge.Valley Hope rehab centers offer a 10% discount to patients who pay their account in full before discharge. Patients using their health insurance benefits at Valley Hope are not eligible for the Cash Discount Program.

Loan Agreement

Unless other arrangements are made, the full balance of your account, less any estimated insurance benefits, is due within 60 days after your discharge. Our Patient Loan program is very popular with patients who are not able to settle their patient account within 60 days.

The Loan Agreement is designed for those patients or family members who need to pay for treatment over time. If you choose this option, we will work closely with you to personalize a Loan Agreement with a monthly payment that fits your budget and meets our rehab centers minimum payment requirements.

There is a 120-day grace period from date of admission before interest begins. The interest rate on your loan will be based on the amount of your payment and method of payment chosen. Currently rates are between 6% and 14% APR. VHA will send you a monthly statement and payment envelope, which should arrive to your address within the first 7-10 days of each month. Your payments are due by the 20th day of each month.

As part of its Loan program, Valley Hope rehab centers offer an Automatic Payment Plan and a Graduated Payment Plan to assist patients in paying for treatment.

  • Automatic Payment Plan VHA now offers the convenience of an Automatic Payment option for those who would like to have their monthly payment deducted from their checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card each month. Many patients like this option because it qualifies you for a lower interest rate on your loan, saves time and postage, and eliminates late payments. You may choose a payment date of the 5th or the 20th of each month. VHA rehab centers will reduce your interest rate by 2% if you choose this option. You will continue to receive a statement each month so that you may review activity on your account for the prior month.
  • Graduated Payment Plan We understand that after treatment, some of our patients find it difficult to pay loan payments because they may be changing residences or re-entering the work force. We offer a Graduated Payment Plan to help ease you into your regular monthly minimum loan payment. This option, available at all our rehab centers, allows you to pay a smaller monthly amount for up to one year after discharge.

Patient Aid

For financially needy patients, a limited amount of addiction Treatment Scholarships are available. During your treatment stay, the Business Manager meets with all patients to develop an appropriate payment plan. This meeting will determine if you qualify for financial assistance in the form of a Treatment Scholarship.