Prairie Miracles

The Story of The Valley Hope Association

Written by Jan Pogue

Western Kansas is a land of wide vistas and sweeping landscape. You can see to the horizon and you just can’t ignore what you see. But a group of people – alcoholics – had been ignored for years. They were thought to be a bunch of drunks who didn’t want help. Besides, no treatment would make a difference.

Lynn Colip, a physician from Norton, Kansas, and Bob Adams, a Methodist minister in Jennings changed that. Long conversations at the Norton bowling alley where they played and talked and talked some more, resulted in the idea that alcoholics could be treated, that they could recover – and that Northwest Kansas needed its own program.

This book will take you inside the facilities of Valley Hope Association, revealing the dreams of those such as Colip, Adams, and the many others who followed in their footsteps as they charted treatment waters never before attempted in Kansas. Prairie Miracles also traces the hopes of the individuals whose lives had often sunk so low as to be thought unsalvageable and, just as importantly, their families who suffered in the wake of their loved ones’ destructive paths. All names used in this story are used with permission in hopes that their story of recovery will help others turn their own lives around.

Prairie Miracles, The Story of The Valley Hope Association is available for $14.95 at Valley Hope residential centers or by ordering your copy below. For each book sold, $5.00 is being donated to the Valley hope Association Foundation to benefit patients who otherwise could not afford treatment. Valley Hope and the Foundation are not-for-profit organizations and your gifts help support our mission.

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