A Cornerstone For Sobriety

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What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of humility? Weakness, modesty, or meekness? Merriam-Webster defines humility as: not proud or haughty: not arrogant or assertive. As I understand that definition it makes sense why the alcohol rehab fellowships of AAand drug addiction fellowships of NA would have this as a corner stone for living a sober life. Life often comes with its challenges and its victories and it takes a daily discipline of not letting the excitement of the victories set you up to fail.

We live in a day and age where everyone wants to be the star. They want to out shine, out cook, out dress, out dance, and out sing. The problem with this is that lime light is not always what it is cracked up to be. Even in the scriptures, the disciples asked Jesus who will be the greatest? I believe that this is why the Bible does not say to be who you are. It asks you to strive to be like God, to imitate him in word and deed.

When I think about humble people they are not always the heroes in the world. At some point in time most people want to be appreciated for their hard work. When I look closely I find that humble people are not the weak, they are the silent giants that make organizations work. They are the diligent workers that are reminded of their contribution as a piece of the whole and not the only change agent. There are many humble leaders that we can learn to follow their example in light of our own personal strengths and weaknesses.

The 7th Step says, “Humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings.” In order to effectively work this Step, one needs to have done a 4th and 5th Step and become aware of their character defects, fears, worst things and resentments. The Serenity Bible states that we need humility for three reasons:

1) So that we can recognize the severity of our character defects.
2) So that we can acknowledge the limits of human power in addressing these character defects.
3) So that we can appreciate the enormity of God’s power to transform lives.

As one takes up the daily task of reminding themselves to be humble, these three principles help to keep that person in touch with the reality. This also helps them to be aware of where they are on the canvas of God’s design. It helps to put things in perspective and give the ability to make that daily commitment to be humble for today.

When I found myself going through some tough times I would say this little prayer: “Lord, I cannot make excuses for yesterday and I cannot promise anything for tomorrow, but please help me today.” While this may seem elementary, this prayer helped me to take the focus off of me and open myself for God to work through my life. I am the oldest of five kids and when I finally realized that the earth would still rotate, and the atmosphere would stay in place, I was shocked but relieved. I realized that my efforts only could not help me. I understood that I could only do so much before I would be overwhelmed. Most importantly, I knew that God could take the broken pieces of my shattered life and create a beautiful master piece. When you are putting on make-up, or grooming yourself, ask your HP to help you to be humble for today.